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PCP(PansionCanPeel) PCP(PansionCanPeel)

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Yes it is trippy

i am an honest person... yes it is trippy, but i'm not getting what you're aiming for... it's just pure noise to me and unlike good under-the-influence songs it lacks mood play (it gives sort of a straight line to the climax) i can't criticize on what it should or should not have, what it could be is a more experimental over the edge im-so-high-i-would-commit-suicide kind of song... cheers... 3/10

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Trancesorcerer responds:

Well,at least u voted.Listening to ur music just told me your not into trance.And where im from,theres alot of drugs,so i know what trippy means.

[KKK99] step off motherfucker [KKK99] step off motherfucker

Rated 0 / 5 stars

average everyday WTF...

i actually would really suggest you stop trying... but considering you seem to not try at all, you should really try harder. I picture you as a dork with no friends trying hard to be the next eminem, yet you suck at it you talentless hack.
Not giving a shit is one thing, but you're just an ass. Criticism is something you use to improve your shit kid, what? you think your cool being hated? your shitless... make something worth listening to next time.